Operations Manual
Operations Manual
Operations Manual
Operations Manual
Operations Manual
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Operations Manual

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After your business plan, this is the most important component for your new business. Our Operations Manual is the go-to on how to run your business from the inside out, top-down, and bottom up. This is a GOLD-MINE of information that makes your new venture launch seamless and smooth from day one! No trial and error for you and your business. All the kinks have been ironed out by actual business owners that have brick-and-mortar experience, kiosk, and home-based experience as well as huge, retail stores.


1. Retail Operational Manual covers:

  • Daily Operations
  • Month-End Procedures
  • Year-end checklists
  • Front-end software training (Sales entries, Basic inventory management)
  • Opening Inventory Line-up & Database (customized per location)
  • Pricing and tagging 
  • How-to procedures for running your retail store
  • Employee job descriptions, hiring documentation
  • Supplier list for all products (based on location)
  • Hardware & Software requirements (with brand suggestions)
  • Hiring and interviewing employees
  • Business registrations, taxes, licenses, insurance etc
  • Complimentary 8 hours of FREE business coaching to get your store open!
  • Lifetime membership to the Business Forms library.
  • This bundle includes 8 hours of qualified business coaching for any area of your business you require. Design, layout, merchandising, hiring, labeling, branding etc.. Coaching Hours to be used within 90 days from your first Q & A phone call.
2. Home-Based Manual includes:
  • Daily Operations & Month End Procedures
  • Manual - to get ready for your first Market or Show
  • How to Instructions for hosting Home Parties
  • Suggested starting Inventory list & Supplier list
  • Customer management & Marketing
  • Training on processing sales and pulling reports
  • 3 Hours of personal business coaching & consulting

3. In-Line And Tow & Show Manuals:

  • Includes all of the above from the Home-Based PLUS
  • Marketing materials
  • Business model outline and Guide
  • Design art files for a branded trailer *can be customized
  • Recommendations for brand of trailer sizes, layout and merchandising
  • Tips for buying second hand trailer
  • Product merchandising  and storage tips
  • Supplier List specific to your trailer size and your demographic/region

**Your Operation Manual will be customized for your specific location, there will be a Q & A call as well as a questionnaire to fill out to ensure you receive the Manual and tools specific to your business plan and location. All downloadable documents are copyrighted and are not to be redistributed, sold or shared in any way.