We will set you up with everything you need to start a My Refillery via your own home-based business. This option allows for the least amount of capital investment required and is perfect for somebody wanting flexibility, has young kids at home or wants to test drive a specific market area or demographic.

You will be able to present your wares at local Farm Markets, Trade Shows & host Home Refill Parties. Gives a new twist on Block Parties when you can offer a BULK Party!



Add a My Refillery station to your EXISTING brick and mortar store OR business! An inline refillery brings in repeat customers and offers a long-term solution to any retail establishment or business in terms of incentivizing customers or employees as well as provides clean living choices for a healthier planet!

We set you up with everything from merchandising units to your opening order. We offer territory exclusives for all brick and mortar Refillery locations, so get your business or neighborhood set up with a refill station today! 

You benefit from the instant repeat customers, loyalized, repeat purchasing, and the collective buying power of a larger group of retailers, not to mention almost half a century of combined business experience from our award-winning owners!


Our start-up Tow & Show business package includes a fully functional market Trailer stocked with a full inventory of our refillable and accessories to sell at markets, local business partners, and at your own home. 

This option is brilliant as it takes your retail business on the road, making you mobile, accessible, and capable of towing right into markets and trade shows with a ready-to-go business! Not to mention it is Covid friendly as your customers never need to enter the trailer!

 This option includes full marketing materials, a business model outline and Guide with opening inventory and supplier lists, as well as art files for branding your trailer, tips on outfitting it, building and retro fitting it, merchandising products and more!


Looking to open a full-sized brick and mortar store with all the natural goodness of My Refillery? All of the above applies plus a glorious full-sized store where you also offer our in-house workshops, DIY events, PK Sessions, and local pop-up events! The full REFILL retail deal at your fingertips!

Want more details? Send us an email with your cover letter telling us where you are located and why you would love to open a My Refillery™ business or fast track an opportunity by applying quickly now! 

(All completely filled out applications will be responded to as expediently as possible.)


  • 30 years business expertise

  • No self-start learning curve

  • Eco-friendly line-up

  • Turn-key business

  • In-house tools & services

  • Ongoing support

  • Expensive start-up

  • No industry/business experience

  • Steep learning curve

  • No volume pricing

  • Time consuming research to source inventory 

Business Start-up Modules
“Customize your Refill business needs, as you need them”

With such a tremendous response to the My Refillery business program, we have decided to make it more globally friendly and to help our team of operators operate, source and run their business models using locally focussed suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers.  We have several manufacturing groups across the USA and Canada that provide production to our chain of My Refillery locations and retail stores. .

By allowing you to choose what help or component you need to get started, you can plan, organize and pay according to your time line and budget schedule. Many operators have started as home-based and worked up to in-line locations as well as full blown retail stores. Choose what works for you!

Don't forget we offer one-on-one coaching from our industry experts. Our CEO has created several multi million dollar companies and has 30+ years experience in the world of natural products, refilling stores, manufacturing, production, marketing and operations. Your business package includes 3-8 hours of one-on-one business coaching and consulting. These hours can be used for any topic or area of your choosing. What are you waiting for?


Start Your NEW Business today!

  • Choose the package that fits your needs
  • Ongoing support and business coaching available
  • All clients receive monthly industry updates
  • Buying power and volume discounts 
  • Buy the modules you need when you need them!