What if you don't have a retail store?
Simple! You dedicate a small area of your floor space for a custom My Refillery Station, to fit your needs, we set up everything you need and organize your bulk refill orders on a monthly basis for you, hassle-free.. You then offer refills to all your employees, sales reps, management team ...and your entire neighborhood if you choose! Not only does it make a HUGE zero waste difference for your company and your staff but it will bring neighbours in for refills too. You reduce waste, keep plastic out of the oceans, and offer you a small, new revenue stream. Or, one step further, it is a creative employment perk for your eco-conscious new hires, should you decide to offer it at no cost to your team.

Are all the products natural?

100% of our zero waste products  are high quality, planet friendly and natural. We will not carry any SLS, phthalates, petroleum bi-products, or other chemicals in any of our bath, body or home products. We wholesale direct to zero waste business owners in our network as well as other refill business partners operating Refillery locations.


What is the investment amount?

The initial investment depends on which of our zero waste business models you choose. Obviously the home-based option is the least expensive and the full retail buildout is the most expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere from $3500 ofr the home model, or $5500-7500 and up for an inline dispensary, $14,000 -$19,000 for Tow & Show, and for a brick and mortar refill business store, anywhere from  $55,000 to $120,000 depending on store size.  Home Bulk Parties are significantly less and more of a test of the eco business in your target market. These amounts include your startup inventory and the costs of your Business Plan, Operations Manual etc..which can be purchased separately as modules.

How long does it take to get approved & setup?

We can have a Home Based refill business setup very quickly, the inline store is also fairly quick and if the retail space does not require too much buildout or merchandising prep, it can be up and running within a few weeks. A full sized, zero waste business/new retail store obviously take significantly more time and planning. We work closely with our eco business partners in developing a solid business model that reflects your market conditions and budget.

Are all the lines Canadian?

99% of our Refill Business lines are Canadian, and many of those are produced right here in beautiful British Columbia. We are proud to actively source local, zero waste business producers, artisans and eco business leaders.  With the addition of our US market, we have partnered with several manufacturers in the USA to keep costs and transport details in eco check for our US locations

Do your stores reflect an eco agenda?

Most definitely! Our refill business launch location was built from reclaimed materials from the local New & Used, second hand stores, antique stores and cleverly repurposed materials. Any zero waste business needs to make their mantra part of their entire business plan, from the ground up literally! We have many designs and projects to get you going!

Each of our eco business locations/stores will have it's own unique, local feel with a solid , re-use & repurposed mandate... and look AMAZING!