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Business Coaching

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You started your business, and you are super excited but feel less than experienced. Choose our monthly coaching option to keep up on the details of your business, day-end, month-end, and year-end procedures as well as all the ins and outs of running a business, such as:

  • All aspects of setting up and running your business
  • Purchasing/Receiving Inventory tips and tricks
  • Software and Retail processes
  • Ongoing Inventory Management
  • Merchandising & Marketing
  • Hiring PT and FT staff, keeping records
  • Government requirements for filings
  • Registering for taxes, insurance, and more

Your coach will help you structure your business so that you are running it, not the other way around. Weekly calls and emails to keep you feeling motivated, organized, and on top of your business! Let's get you going!


*If you purchased a Business Plan or Operations Manual you will automatically receive a $99.99 off per month discount code, which you can apply to the first 6 months of coaching. The deferred payment plan does not apply to business coaching.